Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rescue Network - Blue for Avan Stove

Simple Technology=Genius
Tue, 03/11/2008 - 10:47 — RESCUE
This simple techonology is equatable to a genius technology- it is likey to have a impact on majority of the world human population who rely on biomass for their energy needs.
It can potentially also improve on human health, environment and crucially can conttribute to climate change if linked to the Terra Preta approach!

Avan (Earth) Stove is Dr Reddy prototype. It has the features of both
Rocket stove and Woodgas stove. It is made up of 25 nos of ordinary
bricks, four bricks with slits, one piece of flat tile, one steel grate
7x7 inches and Clay mixed with cowdung. The approximate cost of
construction is $ 2 (USD).
Uses all types of biomass.
The Technology of a Stove that burns wood, cooks and then turns that wood to charcoal can easily be linked to Carbon Capture and Strage. The stove from Larry Henson goes further to show how to improve efficiency in biomass fuel use:
Read the Manual Attached for more information about Stove Design

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