Thursday, June 12, 2008

Avan stove illustrations


I am Max Turunuen, Illustrator and Project Coordinator within Coalition for Environment and Developement, Finland based NGO with various co-operation in different countries.

I am highly interested in promoting the Avan stove, especially for Terra Preta uses, as well as the reduction of biofuel gathering toil and reduced airborne particles thus generated by efficient burning.

I am trying currently to make a set of illustrations about Avan Stove, it's operation, construction and maintenance, for free global distribution, to encourage people around the planet to use this beneficial technology.

Here is my first sketch of trying to understand and comprehend the Avan stove. (One pixel is one millimeter in this scale)
I would be grateful for comments and criticism for what is correctly in it, and what is wrong... as well as what materials are used in various parts.... It is my understanding that the main part where the both burning areas are, is made of brick, which is masoned together with mixed cowdung and clay... is this correct ?

I consider the Avan stove, and the work that you Sir have done to create publish such, of high priority importance for the whole planet, due to it's social, ecological, and atmospherical effects.

Max Turunen
Yes, I too take part in work against the folly of copyrights.

My previous published fireplace illustrations (non charcoal making designs):

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