Monday, January 2, 2012

Biochar in 2011

The Biochar as a science is growing now and the results are amazing as usual. Happy to share that I have trained or created awareness to more than 3000 people in the last one year on biochar / biocharculture. Recently a tribal community in Andhra Pradesh state was trained by GEO on biochar compost preparation and they have prepared about 150000 kgs of biochar compost for their horticultural crops. There was also interest from various universities / institutes in parts of India to experiment and adopt biochar as part of research, GEO is supporting with biochar compost. We have completed the field trials of 30 plots, as part of the Good Stoves and Biochar Communities Project, being supported by Good, France. Hope to see in this  year 2012 more number of people understand and join the Biocharculture movement. Designed low cost biochar production technologies too.
I have started experiments and also facilitating in creation of "Biochar urban gardens"  in parts of Hyderabad. | 

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