Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Magh-1 t-LUD stoves for Tribals - Inaugurated by Tribal Welfare Minister



Farahabad and Mallapur are the two ‘Chenchu’ tribal habitations located deep in the Nallamalai Forest range also called “Rajiv Gandhi Tiger reserve” - a National Park dedicated for Tigers. This forest range covers 5 Districts, whereas these two villages are located in the Amarabad Mandal, Mahabubnagar District. Both the habitations have 18 chenchu families having no access to electricity. Shri. E. Ravindra Babu, Project Officer, Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Srisailam, was very much interested in this renewable energy project and he is the person behind this great project. About 6 months back, during his routine visits to these habitations, he realized that these people are having no access to electricity are living with wild animals. Which made him to think about this project and it became a reality on 29th July 2008, Shri. D. S. Redya Naik, Tribal Welfare Minister, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh launched this project.

Mr. Zaid, CEO, ICWA partner of GEO initiated the process. “Solar Home Energy” (SHE) pack is part of the one million stoves mission initiated by GEO and its partners. ICWA is an important partner in this mission. SHE pack consists of Magh-1 woodgas stove (designed by Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy) has a battery operated fan, three white LED fixtures (4 volt each), one rechargeable torchlight, switchboard and Solar PVC module.

Rural residents across the developing world depend highly on fuel wood for their cooking and kerosene for lighting needs. SHE Pack could improve the availability and quality of basic energy services such as lighting and cooking. The economic development of a country is dependent upon sustainable use of natural resources. Poverty and the accompanying ignorance of natural resource degradation present major obstacles to sustainable development. The absence of clean household energy exposes rural population, particularly women and children, to high risks associated with poor indoor air quality, due to traditional cooking practices, lighting applications and critically hampers their prospects of escaping from poverty. Indoor air pollution is one of the leading causes of infant deaths after water borne and sanitation related diseases. Indoor air pollution is thus an environmental health priority, which needs to be addressed to reach the health-related MDG targets. A future based on renewable energy holds enormous promise for world economies, national security and the personal health and economic well-being of our children and children's children.

SHE solar energy system, caters the cooking and lighting needs of a family with a minimum cost which is affordable and adoptable. SHE supports for continuous lighting for entire night, a comfortable bright lighting that supports the reading / writing requirement of children (which can help to replace the kerosene consumption for the lighting in those houses where there is no electricity. It supports women to carry house hold works and the battery operated MAGH-I woodgas stove will help to improve the efficient use of firewood and minimizing the smoke in the kitchens and many other co-benefits.

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