Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Appreciation for MAGH AND SRUSHTI

The performance of the Magh Smoke Burner Stove which I viewed on your website is very impressive. In these days of rising fuel costs, it makes very good sense to have an alternative stove, as we do lots of cooking at home.
- BY Vincent Undasan FROM SINGAPORE

I am very interested in biogas and want to use your model of the Srushti. I work in a NGO in Nepal, Kathmandu. We are working mainly on fiber crops.
In response to the increasing fuel price in the world scenario,, the alternative is to go for biofuel and biogas. We are attempting to work in the field of biogas too.
During my search in the Google, I found your model of Srushti a proper one to be adopted in Nepalese context. I am regular visitor of your blog http://e-biogas.blogspot.com/ - Bishnu Bogati, Panauti-11, Gairigaun, Nepal

Source: By e-mail

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